Deploy Capital Easily Into An Asset Class Worth US$12 Trillion Per Annum.

Why do Funders prefer Trade Finance Market?

Good Returns
Relatively high yielding, non correlated, self liquidating asset class with low default rates.
Short Term
Each transaction lasts maximum 120 days.
Lots of protection - transactions covered by credit insurance or collateral in case of default.

How Trade Finance Market Works

Trade finance in three easy steps.

Exporter / Importer submits all transaction data.
Funders can view the transaction documentation easily on the platform before financing takes place.
Buyer settles the invoice and Funders are repaid with a return.

We work with:

Institutional Investors;

Hedge Funds;

Asset Backed Lenders;

Single or Multi Family Offices;

Wealth Managers;

Corporate Investors;

Sovereign Wealth Funds;

Factoring Companies;

Non Bank Finance Companies;

High Net Worth/Sophisticated Investors.

Trade Finance Market aims to de-risk transactions as much as possible through extensive due diligence and credit insurance.

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